Thursday, December 21, 2006


That cheeky Mr. Fawkes

Guido has decided to have a bit of a pop at Lembit here and here.

My response:
From the BBC:

"Welsh Liberal Democrat officials have said they are satisfied MP Lembit Opik did nothing wrong in discussing his new girlfriend's visa problem."

Are you happy now Guido? Or should we have him investigated by the Standards Board for good measure? Failing that, I hear Ken Starr's not doing too much these days...

I know that scandal and sexual innuendo are what ultimately pay for this blog (if it had tits you could charge 35p and call it The Sun) but if you're trying to fit the bloke for a black hat you couldn't be more wrong.

As Paul Walter put it so well:

"It seems that the only thing Lembit is guilty of Lembit."

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