Thursday, July 31, 2008


Labour hypocrisy over "civil liberties" issue

Your starter for 10: what do you think Labour's Emily Thornberry is getting upset about here?
Labour MP for Islington South and Finsbury Emily Thornberry described the council's move as "absolutely outrageous and completely unjustified".

She added: "They said they didn't need permission. It's extremely arrogant.

"I'm concerned about the intrusion into people's private lives. It's a civil liberties issue."
Sounds pretty serious. What on earth could Islington Council have been doing? Selling people's rent statements perhaps? Putting CCTV in people's back gardens? Naming and shaming those who don't vote, even?

No - this "civil liberties issue" is a completely anonymous analysis of the mixed rubbish disposed of by 1,000 local residents to see what they were actually throwing away, and which actually helped improve recycling facilities within the borough.

This is just another example of how Labour in opposition are capable of manufacturing faux outrage about just about anything. This is rich indeed coming from a party that collects innocent people's DNA, bans protesting outside Parliament, tracks our cars' every movement and wants to put every man, woman and child in this country on an immense, intrusive national database.

I wholeheartedly support my colleagues in Islington - they must be gritting their teeth in sheer frustration at having to waste their time dealing with this ridiculous non-story.

Labour - you just can't trust them.

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