Saturday, June 10, 2006



Nothing dismays me more than waking up to the sound of John Humphreys being allowed to talk complete rubbish and get away with it, which is exactly what happened this morning when he interviewed some poor anti-war protester who was obviously completely incapable of defending herself:
(Transcribed from memory, so may be misquoted)

Humphreys: "Surely only governments should be the only ones who decide whether they're allowed to declare war?"
The current war on Iraq was never declared; neither was the first Gulf War, neither was the war on Serbia or the Falklands War for that matter. This is part of the problem.

And again:
"Surely soldiers shouldn't be allowed to decide whether the orders they are given are legal?"
Even wronger - soldiers have a statutory duty to scrutinise the legality of their orders, otherwise they risk being prosecuted for war crimes. Following orders is no defence.

Whether Humphreys took pity on this woman and decided to start with a couple of hopelessly wide deliveries I have no idea - sadly though she managed to avoid making contact with either of them...

Update: It was Linda King, mother of a light infantryman serving in Iraq.


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