Friday, July 21, 2006


Support eDemocracy: tell Jack Straw he's a cretin

James Graham over at Quaequam Blog! has set up this pledge at PledgeBank:
Jack Straw yesterday launched an outspoken attack on, claiming that it is distorting they way MPs conduct their business. See:

This is patent nonsense. MPs are responsible for their own actions. TheyWorkForYou is a valuable contribution to our civil society, allowing us access to debates and MP's questions in a useable format that Parliament itself has been unwilling to provide itself.

What I'm asking people to do is to write to Jack Straw to (politely) tell him he's tilting at the wrong windmill here, and to insist that he takes part in the consultation exercise that theyworkforyou have already initiated on how to improve the way they measure MPs work. In particular, call for him to attend their public meeting on 7 November to discuss precisely this issue, rather than making potshots from his position of safety behind the despatch box.
You can sign said pledge here, safe in the knowledge that 100 other people will call Jack Straw a cretin if you do - including one Guido Fawkes who has blogged on Straw's idiocy here.


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