Wednesday, November 08, 2006


Democrats to win Senate?

More from the US mid-terms.

It seems like the Republicans are trailing - perhaps fatally - in the remaining two Senate races:
Tester [D] 49% (194,914)
Burns [R] 48% (193,179)
99% reporting

Webb [D] 50% (1,170,564)
Allen [R] 49% (1,162,717)
99% reporting
In Virginia, just a handful of precincts remain, largely in traditionally Democrat areas. Montana has just one county to report in - the aptly-named Meagher - which is so small it had fewer votes cast in 2004 than Tester's 1,735-vote lead.

Recounts notwithstanding, I make that 51-49 to the Democrats - a gain of six seats.

Just to put that in context for a second: 33 Senate seats were up for grabs this time round, and the Republicans were defending just 15. Only managing to hold on to nine of those is something of a rout.


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