Wednesday, November 08, 2006


A good night for New Hampshire Democrats

As the Democrats have gained control of the House of Representatives, we learn that in New Hampshire the Dems have not only re-elected state governor John Lynch by a landslide, but somehow managed to pick up both New Hampshire House seats.

The New Hampshire 1st was such a surprise, in fact, that it wasn't even on CNN's Key Seats list!

Looking at the results in 2004, we can see why:

NH-01: GOP 63% Dem 37%
NH-02: GOP 59% Dem 38% Lib 3%

West Wing fans will, of course, rejoice at the news.

It's going to be a rough night for the Republicans...

UPDATE: NH Democrats have also won both houses of the state legislature. I wouldn't like to be a New Hampshire Republican at this point in time, they're becoming something of an endangered species...


I suspect a large part of that is the libertarian (aka liberal/classical liberal) vote deserting the Republicans.

New Hampshire has a high number of local Libertarians I believe, but the party doesn't do well at the Federal level, so they probably voted Republican in the past.

With a bit of luck this might presage the reemergence of Liberal Republicans...


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