Wednesday, November 29, 2006


Greens must apologise

Liberal Democrat-controlled Uttlesford District Council has just turned down a planning application from BAA to expand Stansted Airport, with local councillors saying that they were "concerned about the impact expansion would have on the local environment".

That must come as news to Green Party principal speaker Caroline Lucas MEP, who said
"Lib Dems use green rhetoric to get into office, only to support road-building schemes, incinerators, airport expansion and even backing GM crops when in power."
(emphasis mine)
upon the launch of our green manifesto last year.

Will Dr. Lucas now apologise for this distortion of our position?


Indeed - and having campaigned down there, I know Lib Dem activists were at the forefront of the campaign to stop the expansion of Stanstead.

As indeed were Hillingdon Lib Dems when it comes to expansion of Heathrow (cf literature from the Heathrow Villages by-election in around 2003, iirc), not to mention the much bigger campaign run by Richmond LDs against the extra runway at Heathrow.


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