Thursday, February 01, 2007


Lib Dem recovery continues

By common consent, Communicate Research's polls are a volatile and unreliable thing indeed. But since ConservativeHome can run news stories on them, and put them in their Poll of Polls, it allows me to mention that we were up EIGHT PERCENT in this one.
CON 34% (-2)
LAB 29% (-8)
LDEM 21% (+8)
It's awfully funny how ConHome only seem to update the Poll of Polls when it's good news for them, isn't it? Exactly the same thing happened earlier this month - the PoP didn't get updated with the results of this ICM poll (Tories down 3) until the later YouGov one showing them up two...

Kind of puts Tory moaning about the "Lib Dem bar chart department" into perspective, doesn't it?

Update: We're up 1 in Populus and 1 in Mori. Not us much as I expected, but a gain's a gain. And ConHome has finally updated their poll! Hurrah!


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