Saturday, June 02, 2007


Update: Hammond deletes FOI comments, waits for world to go away

Anthony Fairclough (who penned the original letter to Stephen Hammond MP whose reply drew my ire) has alerted me to the fact that the post has vanished from Hammond's website, along with Hammond's own reply.

Fortunately, the original is archived here.

While it's nice to know you're being listened to - it would be nicer if Mr. Hammond or his web team could have

a) published my letter, or
b) replied to it, or
c) contacted me with an explanation for the post in question...

Frankly, this just looks like he's covering his tracks.

Thankyou also to whoever posted this link to this article on cloudsoup - it's a very concise and easy-to-follow explanation of why anyone who voted for the closure motion (as Hammond did) may as well have been voting for the Bill itself.

Once again:
  1. You can sign the Lib Dem petition here
  2. You can write to a random Lord here
  3. You can join the campaign's Facebook group here


Mr Hammond has now suggested that my comments are 'actionable' and wrote in an email to me:

'I look forward to your confirmation that you have revised your site accordingly'

Of course, i don't intend to give Mr Hammon editorial control of my blog.


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