Thursday, November 15, 2007


Getting inspired

Phew. As you can probably tell, it's been a long day today. The Clegg campaign in Sheffield has gone from having too little to do... to drowning under a mountain of paper. It's all feeling very by-electiony.

That said, I still can't say I'm feeling very inspired by this leadership campaign. Maybe that's the nature of leadership campaigns. Maybe it's because I made up my mind early. Or maybe it's because I've been watching The West Wing again from the start - real politics just isn't as poetic, goshdarnit!

It's at least preferable to the long periods of stultifying boredom punctuated by brief bursts of humiliating scandal that was the last leadership election. And I'm told by my elders and betters that absolutely no-one got excited about the 1999 campaign.

Maybe the Question Time debate tomorrow will inspire me. The stakes are high at least - if it's close, I have a feeling it could be the deciding factor in this election. I'm pretty nervous to be honest - I feel like anything can happen, and I just hope Nick turns up and charms everyone like we know he's capable of!

Anyway, off to bed...


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