Monday, November 12, 2007


Leo McKinstry is a coward

Leo McKinstry is a coward. I say this because he seems unable to stomach the comment I posted on this story of his - it was conveniently lost in comment limbo.

I wrote:

Oh no! One of those gay egghead atheist immigrant-loving abortionist Communists!

It's surely only a matter of time before he's caught eating good Christian babies - I say we dispense with due process and string him up in Central Lobby without delay.

Thankyou Mr. McKinstry for bringing American talk radio mores over here and teaching us the lessons we so richly deserve...

Incendiary? You bet. But that clearly wasn't the reason the comment wasn't published, as Mr. McKinstry seemed perfectly happy to display the following comments which I'm sure would cause any newspaper's legal department to perspire:
It is no surprise to me that he is called Dr. Death - I think it is a requirement that you have to be a bit of a 'fruitcake' to be a Lib Dem as most of them are.
This guy has always given me the creeps since I saw him on TV advocating telling primary school children about certain sexual exploits.
It seems our Leo can dish out the bile, but he doesn't seem to be able to take it. And since he seems intent on lowering the level of debate in this country to the vile posturing seen across the Atlantic, it seems only fit for me to call him yeller.

Mr. McKinstry, care to respond to comments that you are peddling fear and hate because you're afraid of a real debate?

*protrudes tongue*


Leo McKinstry is the only columnist I agree with 100%; if he decided to become a politician he'd get my vote without a doubt, compared to the liberal, labour and conservative politicians who are out of touch with the vast majority of working Britain it's beyond a joke.
Mo, London

has leo ever talked of the knoxville horror if not he is


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