Thursday, November 22, 2007


On blue-shirted lackwits

Alix Mortimer has written an insightful (and hilarious) article about how people see our tax policy - I suggest you all read it:

IHT is of course a tax specifically invented to annoy the People’s Republic of Mortimer, whether the Head of State is being forced hatefully to draw up calculations for people to avoid it or voluntarily reading silly articles about what an unearthly evil it is. It’s a tax on accumulated wealth which affects anything up to forty-eight people, of whom forty live inside the M25 and one is the Duke of Westminster*, so for twat-in-a-blue-shirt to be allowed to perpetuate the myth that it’s some sort of lodestone for the economic liberty of The People is risibly London-focused, and such an unselfconsciously Thatcherite piece of upper-middle-class bleating as to be little short of sick. (Incidentally, why would you give a toss about IHT as a supposedly selfish apolitical young person unless you are actually planning to murder your parents? Damned suspicious, in my opinion.)

Full article here.


Ooh ta for t'plug!

Although I should make it clear that the views expressed in my post are in no way related to my public function as General Secretary of the Equity-Rich Mortimer Parents Assassination Club (membership: 2).

Re, your comment (which I realise I have left sitting there unanswered for ages, hence I am commenting over here; nonetheless you're lucky because for some reason I had to rescue it from the spam bin!)

1) I agree there are obviously too few of us to do the whole conversion process, but nevertheless I think we underestimate our own powers there. If even one person who is impressed by something we say tells two more people, then our actual numbers are already having a disproportionate effect.

2) I'd query the need for the message to be solely an emotional gut-feeling type message, because as both our experiences show, some people respond well to the hard facts.

Having said that though, you're quite right in the sense that we need to develop the natural "this is what it means to be a Liberal" identifiers that the other two parties are (rightly or wrongly) perceived to have.

I quite like the Willcock tag "I am against this sort of thing". I also like "We're all Liberals now" and I'd love to see something like it pushed as a national slogan, although I can't remember where I read it - it seems particularly resonant with the recent discussions on how many small-l liberals there are who are not translating into Lib Dem votes.

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